The box

Members of

Farm Gate Foods receive a box of fruit and vegetables on a weekly basis.

The box comes in two sizes, a large at $45 per week or a small at $25 per week.


What’s in the box?

Currently the produce for the box is sourced from Biodynamic Marketing and is all organic or bio-dynamic fruit and vegetables.

Priority is given to produce from Victoria and as close to the Surf Coast as possible, although quality and cost are also factors in our buying decisions.

We will source all the bio-dynamic vegies we can from Vortex Vegies in Inverleigh and Casuarina Biodynamic Farm near Moriac. You can now purchase Zeally Bay Sourdough organic breads baked right here in Torquay to add to your box. See our Local Producers page for more information on other great local products to buy including organic dry goods, bio-dynamic eggs and locally roasted coffee!

As we grow we hope to be sourcing more and more food directly from local producers.


Mystery box

The box is what is often termed as a ‘mystery box’. This means that all members receive the same mix of fruit & vegetables. Unfortunately, due to the nature of bulk-buying and to keep the packing manageable, it is not possible to customise boxes to individual needs. The buyer for the co-operative will endeavour to order a variety and as so (apart from staples like potatoes, carrots and bananas) the same items will not be appearing in your box week after week. So you must decide if this suits you.

If a mystery box or the co-op style, doesn’t suit you, there are some great commercial alternatives that you may wish to consider:


A great one right near here is Casuarina Biodynamic Farm. They supply organic and biodynamic fruit & veg and deliver.

Email Adrian and Kirsten Wojtowicz:


There is also the recent exciting addition to Torquay of Surfcoast Wholefoods situated in Torquay Central in Bristol Road. They supply the Surfcoast with organic fruit & veg, bulk dry goods and great coffee and juice in their cafe.

Support our new local business!


Weekly box

In order for the co-operative to be as effective and easy to manage across all roles as possible, we do need members to have an ongoing commitment to receiving a box every week. Remember there are 2 box sizes, small and large. However, of course people will need to take a break from time to time when going away on holidays, and so on. It will be possible at the beginning of the month to indicate any weeks where a box is not required and arrange a swap with another packer when unable to attend a rostered shift.

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