The box

Crate of raw fresh vegetables from the farmers market, assortment of corn, peppers, broccoli, mushrooms, beets, cabbage, parsley, tomatoes, isolated on light background
The blurb..

We are a small, volunteer run co op that buys 100% organic produce from the market and divvy’s it up between us.
We are not for profit so the f&v comes in at wholesale cost.
We have a small (1-2 peops) – $30
Large (4ish peops) – $50

The small is slightly more than half the cost of the large due to the fact that we often get bunches and punnets and these are not halved..
We are a small group, so at times we are not given all that we order from the market, in this case the box might be a little smaller one week and is usually made up for the week after.  We expect orders monthly so that the funds can be balanced and to make sure that people don’t get the rough end of the stick.
Boxes are ready for pick up by about 9am on a Thurs morning in Torqs.
Need any more info?  Keen to join?  Shoot us an email