Newsletter Issue 21


Seasonal recipes, new members, and holiday plans

This is the time of year for lots of cauliflower, broccoli and kiwifruit, but also sadly the end of the apple season. We’ll be likely seeing future boxes with the last of the apple crop as we wait in anticipation of the beloved stone fruit. If you’re looking for ideas for cooking up all that cauliflower and other seasonal veg see the link below to Eat Drink Repeat, a co-op members own recipe blog!

New members and┬ádeparting ones…

We welcome two new members to the co-op, Winsome with many years experience with a fruit & veg co-op in Melbourne’s west, and Rosheen who will be starting officially in September. This of course means we are farewelling members as well, Calina and very sadly, one of our foundation members, Holly. Thank you Holly for all your support and fantastic administrative back-up over the past 3 years. We’ll miss you.

Address changes

Changes in membership means change of delivery addresses! Please remember to bring your delivery sheet to packing and check the addresses your delivering to carefully. Changes in membership sometimes means the zones are not perfect resulting in neighbouring boxes in different zones. If you wish to swap boxes for delivery at a packing session please ensure the correct box size and eggs, etc., are always delivered accurately.

My holiday plans

As many of you know I’m off for a South American adventure for 4 months – yay!! I will be leaving first week in October and have started putting plans in place for admin members and generous others to cover various duties while I’m away. Most of my job will be well taken care of, however, some things will not be able to done in my absence. For example, it will not be possible to make any changes to membership and the roster (other than the usual swaps) from October to December. Also, as I’ll be arriving home the last day of January there will be a slight delay to our usual first week of Feb start. I will confirm all of the tasks and send an email to all members during September so everyone will have all the information they need. I appreciate your support in making this work while I’m away. Might even send you a holiday update from a Colombian jungle, Galapagos Island, a Bolivian mountain, or a Patagonian glacier!

Extra September shift

I know I’m going early here but remember to check if you’re rostered for the extra shift in September – September 30th… the last extra for the year.

Claire’s kitchen: recipe-filled blog

One of our co-op members has a great blog full of seasonal recipes, like the Pumpkin, Carrot and Ginger soup pictured above. I can personally vouch for the now-regular-Friday-night burrito filler of chili SIN carne listed under the Monday night meat-free dishes. Here is the link to Claire’s blog. Also don’t forget the Roast Cauliflower Salad posted with a newsletter way back (try substituting freekah for barley for a change) or cauliflower rice cooked with a little coconut milk (thanks Sarah!) Enjoy!!

Hasta luego,


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