Newsletter Issue 20

The bountiful season


Along with this burst of warm and interesting weather we are starting to get some of our delicious produce from the small local suppliers we like to support. This week we’ll have sweet corn from 2n5, tomatoes (yes, sorry to those who like me have them coming out our ears!) and maybe some red capsicums from Paul at Connewarre, and again this year we will be receiving produce form the Germanos in Deans Marsh. This week will be the first batch of those wonderful little snow apples, limes, some small heirloom tomatoes and… wait for it… a truly delicious little fig from their amazing orchard. I hope you enjoy!

New member

We sadly farewell one of our long-time members, Faye, who is taking up a new working role. Much as she tried they wouldn’t let her negotiate on having Thursdays off! Thanks Faye for all your work and support – good luck! We will be welcoming a new member in April – keep posted.

Packing day information

A couple of things to keep in mind for packing day please:
*The boxes in the shed always need to be packed carefully as they fell down on one of the Spring Creek volunteers. They will need to be culled as often as possible for unusable ones or simply too many and shared amongst packers to take home to put in their yellow bins please.
*There is a black table cover (tarp) kept in the shed which needs to be put onto the wooden table for each packing session to ensure we do not damage it.
*There are paper bags in a box in the shed. If you run out of them in the plastic box please check the shed. I usually buy at least 1000 each time.

The month of March

March has 5 Thursdays. There is therefore an extra packing shift on Thursday the 31st of March. Stacie will be supervising, along with packers Kirsten, Sandy, Jules and Rina. This also means there is an extra box for payment this month. Could everyone please check the payment schedule to ensure you are up-to-date.

Eat Local Month

You would have received a flyer in your box for Eat Local Month. There are a number of fantastic events throughout April including FEAST a degustation at Ravens Creek Farm on the 2nd of April. Check out the details here

Swapping a packing shift

Could everyone please remember that if you swap a packing shift you need to let the supervisors of both shifts that are affected know. If you receive a packing reminder text from the supervisor and you have swapped – please reply and let them know who is replacing you.

Harvest time and our boxes

While it is harvest time for lots of beautiful produce, the weather and the market tend to play havoc. The boxes may fluctuate over the next couple of months as I struggle to keep us on budget. I hope you understand.

Happy eating!

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