Newsletter Issue 19

Spring… and some important information





Well spring is here and many of us will be busy in our gardens. I won’t ramble on about sunshine and barefoot beach walking because I need you to read on as there is important updates for everyone. (But if you do want the recipe for this amazing beetroot falafel there’s a link below)…




Delivery changes for packers

There are 2 address changes for the delivery of boxes this month.
Zone 2 – Holly has moved (and will soon be welcoming a new babe!) so please check the new address.
Zone 5 – Bec and James (along with beautiful little Leonard) are off overseas for a few months – hope you have fun! They have organised for a friend – Jules – to take over their packing and boxes from October through until nearly the end of December. Could all supervisors and those delivering to JJ please note that the address for delivery and contact details for Jules have been added to the address section on the delivery sheets.

October is our last 5 week month for 2015

As October is a 5 week month your payment will be more than usual. If you have an automatic payment set-up please adjust your payment accordingly.

Extra packing day this month

To those working the extra packing shift on Thursday 29th October – Ginni, Lu, Erica and Jules (for Bec) – you’ll be working with Sarah. Please let her know if you have swapped with contact details of who is filling in for you.

Packing swaps

This is a general request as well. If you have arranged a swap for any of your packing shifts, please let your supervisor know who is filling in for you and their contact number. We’ve had a few no-shows over the past few months. While it’s usually not such a pain to manage the packing, everyone else has to do extra delivering to cover for you!!

Payments without names!

There have been a couple of payments made without any referencing. PLEASE put your name on your payments. There are 25 payments coming in per month and without a name it is pretty impossible to work out who made it. (If you paid $180 in cash at the bank over the past week could you please let Maggie know.)

Boxes at Spring Creek

As you’re aware, we cannot fill the bins at Spring Creek with our boxes, so if there does become an overload in the shed, could packers please take a few home to put in their own recycle bins.

Spring and local food…

I’m happy to say 2and5 have been harvesting again and Raven’s Creek Farm CafĂ© will be opening again next week. Spring is here – yay! My beetroot is bursting out of the ground so I’ve been looking around for recipes. Here’s a beauty! Beetroot falafel which I love to serve with the cauliflower and barley recipe (see previous Newsletter) that has become an all-time favourite at my house.



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