Newsletter Issue 18

Eat local month…crop

In addition to eating local from your box check out some exciting Eat Local Month food events coming to the Surf Coast over the next month; supper clubs, crop mobbing, mini farmer days, and much more…Eat Local Month is a month out of the year to explore and discover the delicious food of independent growers, restaurants and food artisans in the Surf Coast region.It consists of a series of events and local foodie meet-ups ranging from secret supper clubs and crop mobs to festivals and crowd-farmed feasts that pay homage to those that grow, bake and craft with the delicious produce the Surf Coast has to offer. It sounds fantastic… join in!!

Local, local, local

We have some fantastic heritage fruit in your box today grown by small scale producers in Deans Marsh. Amongst our local produce you’ll find fruit and garlic from Deans Marsh, the weekly supply of at least 2 or 3 items from 2n5, a social enterprise from Corio and produce from Ravens Creek, our egg supplier in Moriac. I have also met with Hayden and made firm plans for Ravens Creek to begin growing more vegetables this year to specifically supply our box. They are all grown organically – all of our produce is – and local, local, local. For example, we are receiving two heritage apple varieties; Cox Orange Pippin and Snow. The Snow are exactly that inside, and the Cox Orange Pippin are not so pretty but a more orangey flesh and both delicious! Also some beautiful Nashis. I had a fantastic soba noodle salad at TUS once which had strips of nashi pear in it, might try and replicate it. And finally, amazing red flesh peaches. These are a typical heritage variety that is not designed to be transported but eaten straight from the tree. Treat gently and eat them tonight!

Mixing up the dozen

And just on the eggs, Hayden has purchased more chooks so if you order eggs, expect some white-shelled eggs in with the brown. If you would like eggs please add them into your monthly order.

New members, new zones for 2015

Welcome to Michelle, Rina and Annie! Thanks for joining us. Please always check who is in your zone because sometimes there are new members or new delivery details. We farewell Kristin and Cossie who were with us from nearly the beginning. Sad to see them go, but good luck with the Mamacino projects!

Payment schedule

There has been some confusion with the member payments schedule. Apologies from me! I have now updated the link on the members page and the March order charges have been added. This running balance allows you to see exactly what you owe or credits you have accrued. Remember bank payments take a couple of days to arrive and are manually added in to the schedule by Maggie, usually weekly, but check the last updated date at the top of the page. I now follow up on non-payments so please make your payments on time.

Paper bags

The supply of paper bags has been replenished as well as some pens and markers for the box.

Clarifying packing times

And finally, packing supervisors usually arrive at 9.15am but packers don’t have to arrive until 9.30am. If you’re early that’s great, but not expected.


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