Newsletter Issue 17

End-of-year brunch together!


Its nearly the end of the year (yes… I hear all the groans!)  and many Farmgaters have asked for a get-together to catch up and say g’day – or meet for the first time – and celebrate a great year. And it has been a great year for the co-op. I hope you can join me and celebrate…

So please come along to THE FARMERS PLACE at Freshwater Creek on Sunday 30 November at 10.30am. You can just grab a coffee, or have a more leisurely brunch. Come alone or bring your family and friends (I hear there is a hay-bale maze for the kids). We have organised to have a bit of a chat with the owner to hear about his “Close the Loop” ethos and we may hear from Mark the coffee roaster and perhaps even our very own Kristen, the granola creator! Please reply with numbers by November the 25th so we can make sure we have a table ready.

Wrap-up and looking toward 2015

As we come to the end of the year, just a couple of important messages. A reminder that we’ll be finishing boxes on December 18th and plan to re-start the first week in February 2015. I’ll be looking at the roster and also re-grouping our zones over the break. Therefore, this is the ideal time for anyone who is thinking about finishing up with the co-op to let me know. Also, if you have particular preferences for the week of the month you wish to be rostered, or any changes to your delivery notes, phone numbers, etc, also let me know asap.


Many of us received a ‘locked out’ message for the website this week. I have received this before. I did speak to our web-designer but I’m pretty sure its just some fyshing thing that shouldn’t worry us. There isn’t any member’s credit card or banking information that anyone could access anyway. You should be able to click on the link that has been issued and put in your password and it will unlock. Or reset your password by clicking the forgotten password link on the front page.


Spring Creek Community House have asked if we could please ensure we are parking as close to the shed and then as close to each other as possible. It can get pretty busy down there so please make room for others.

And, of course, the dreaded payments!

So it looks like we may be losing our payments person, Maggie, at the end of the year. Maggie has been fantastic in the role, ensuring our accounts are reconciled and balancing! Thank-you, thank-you. I’ve said this before, it really is an unenviable job. Could I please impress on everyone to make your payments on time in 2015. If you haven’t paid your November balance please pay this weekend. And to prepare for balancing the books at the end of the year, please stop any automatic payments now and for the December payment, ensure you check the account schedule (which will be updated when the December order closes) and pay only the amount showing as due on the payment schedule.

And another baby!!

I reckon these organic vegies must be good. We welcome another Farm Gate baby to the fold this year. Congrats to Sarah and Rich who had a beautiful boy, Willem Ren, last month. He’s apparently cool as a cucumber.

Thanks for a great year and hope to see you on the 30th! Leanne

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