Newsletter Issue 16

Where are the parsnips?


Well it feels like Spring, but we’re still in the winter harvest phase with less options on offer, higher prices and lots of broccoli and cauliflower! It’s difficult to get a lot of local produce at this time, with some winter produce like kale being pretty illusive. Unfortunately parsnips have only been on the list once and we missed out so I’m hoping they’re still coming… I’ve been trying some seconds with carrots, capsicums and apples to try to make our dollar go further so there may be some issues with quality. Also some Northern issues with bananas so they are limited and the prices have skyrocketed. Having said all that, I think our boxes have still been pretty good for this time of year. As always any feedback to

Account payments

Thanks to Maggie for doing an awesome job in following up everyone’s payments and reconciling our accounts. And thanks to everyone responding so quickly to ensure they were up-to-date. Please make your September payment if you haven’t already and PLEASE continue to check your account balance on the payment schedule accessible through the members page.

Boxes and egg cartons

We went through a period with a box shortage at packing, however, I think this has sorted itself out. Please remember when packing to bring the boxes you have collected at home to ensure there’s enough at the beginning of sorting. For all those people ordering eggs could you also please return egg cartons which can be reused by the Ravens Creek chooks!

Waitlist closed!

With quite a few new members joining us this year our membership is at its maximum capacity. There is a limit to the amount of produce that Tim can transport for us as well as there just being an optimum number of people for the co-op to work effectively. As of last week I have also closed off the waitlist. It is currently at 10 names of people interested in joining and I think it will take some time to get through this list. I have noted the website as such so apologies to friends – but we’re currently closed!

Delivery Info

There have been a few missing boxes over the past couple of months with calls coming through from people needing to search their neighbourhoods. It would be a good idea if people could please email me before the October delivery sheets are made up with some identifying comment to add to their address to avoid the mix-ups, for eg. blue fence, red letterbox, etc.

Packing fill-ins

And just on that… It would also be handy (especially given the possibility of missing boxes) if you have a fill-in, who is not a member of the co-op, to please provide their name and mobile number to the packing supervisor so if we need to contact them we can.

Sarah’s back…

Sarah is now able to re-join us as she moves into her new house in Torquay. Just in time to welcome another new Farm Gate baby to the fold – any time now! Please check your delivery sheet as you may have an addition to your zone.


We have had some issues with invoicing from our supplier over the past month so could I ask that you all assist the supervisors to check the invoice against what is received. If Tim does not have the invoice please mark the packing sheet with what is delivered (how many boxes and what size in kg) and put into my box please. I need to contact them immediately if the invoice is incorrect.

So get out and enjoy the spring weather and start preparing your gardens for some summer veg!


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