Newsletter Issue 15

Eggs from happy (travelling) chickens!

hayden's chickens

Hayden from Ravens Creek Farm has happy hens who are laying enough eggs to supply us so I am after your feedback. If we had eggs on offer to include with your box every 2nd week would you be interested?

As Hayden and Jasmin say… “Our eggs are laid by a group of happy chooks who roam around our paddocks during the day, and snuggle up to sleep in our converted caravan at night. You can often see the van out in the paddock from the veranda! As with all animals on Ravens Creek Farm, our chooks live a peaceful and contented life, free to express all their natural behaviours all day long. Pasture-raised chooks produce healthier eggs, as the chooks have a rich and varied diet, feasting on grass, grubs and grains. Studies suggest the nutritional content of eggs from hens that forage daily on a grass have higher levels of omega 3 and Vitamins A and E, and lower levels of total fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, and omega 6.” We will need to meet a minimum order so please email me ( if you would like eggs in your box.

Payment Schedule

After some great work by the admin team (a big thanks!), we now have the members’ payment schedule available for all members to view on the secure section of the website. The link is a ‘view only’ link with information and instructions situated below the payments section on the members page. All members can click on the link to see their monthly order charges and the payments that have been received. The schedule includes a running total column which will show any monies in credit or owed. Please note the schedule is updated manually so there is a ‘Last Updated’ date at the top of the page as any payments received after this date will not be included. Please regularly check your balance to ensure your payments are up-to-date.

Yay! Local, local…

And further to the news on the local eggs, we are increasing the local produce in our boxes. In addition to the local veg we’ve been getting from farms such as Vortex in Inverleigh and Casuarina Farm near Moriac, we also get supplied directly from a couple of even smaller producers! This week we should have rhubarb and red russian kale from Ravens Creek Farm, and sweet grey pumpkin and garlic from Judy in Deans Marsh. (Please note: the pumpkin may be pockmarked and therefore cannot be stored at length – therefore it needs eating in the next couple of weeks but is still super-delicious.) If you’re struggling to get through the pumpkin why not try googling Sarah Wilson’s pumpkin pie recipe – gingery and spicy, perfect for winter. We should also be getting cauliflower again this week – those long-time Farm Gaters know how much I love cauliflowers! If you haven’t tried my favourite roasted cauliflower and barley salad dish (see Newsletter called Recipe Ideas) try it this week.

Dream packing

I helped out last week with packing and delivering and wanted to say what a dream it was! Thanks to the packing supervisors for their weekly efforts in getting the packing done super efficiently and to all packers for arriving on time, digging in and helping out those who may not be up to lifting for whatever reason. It was really a dream – and if I didn’t have to back track because I delivered the wrong size box!! I would have been home in under an hour. There will occasionally be a hold up for whatever reason but for the most part it seems to be all very streamlined. Great work everyone.

July has 5 weeks – are you rostered for the extra shift?

July is another 5 week month so please remember to adjust your monthly payments (you can now always check your balance on the schedule!) and check if you are rostered for the extra shift on the 31st of July. Also the school holidays fall in July so Spring Creek Community House will be closed but we continue to have access with the supervisors knowing the drill.

The growing waitlist

Because we all seem to be very happy with our great boxes and streamlined processes, the popularity of Farm Gate Foods around town is growing. Unfortunately for those not already on board, we have reached our capacity and are unable to increase our numbers. This is mainly due to having reached the limit of what Tim is able to transport for us each week. Therefore our waitlist over the past couple of months has grown considerably. I am now telling people it is unlikely that there will be a place available until next year! If anyone expresses interest could you please let them know this is the case.

Farm Gate babies

Congratulations again to Sam on the arrival of Coco but also to Faye who had a little girl, Pearl, several weeks ago. I believe Pearl has already made an appearance at packing! I hope your girls enjoy and benefit from the organic goodness of the Farm Gate Foods boxes and the friendships you have made through the co-op. Welcome Farm Gate babies!!


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