Newsletter Issue 14


A great start to 2014…

It’s been a busy start to 2014 – but a good one! We have had some amazing boxes (more on this later), we have a bunch of new members, and things are running pretty smoothly.I had my amazing family adventure to Nepal, with Stacie taking on the ordering and Holly fielding the enquiries – so a big thanks to Stace & Holly! After a couple of early hiccups with delivery in the first weeks to sort through, the packing days have been going to plan, with all enjoying catching up with their weekly team. Please read through for some updates and reminders.

Bumper Boxes

We have been enjoying some bumper harvest boxes with lots of local produce. The supply is good and the value has been great. Rather than coming up short on produce we have been enjoying the opposite and have had some weighty deliveries! The apples and pears have been amazing and soon we’ll have citrus to add to the fruit mix – mandarins and oranges. If you’re like me and don’t eat a lot of fruit you’re probably struggling to keep up with the apples and pears. So don’t forget to stew some and freeze to take out for a quick after school snack or with yoghurt for an easy dessert. Speaking of freezing, you may be way ahead of me on this, but I’ve just discovered how amazing kale pesto is – and even better you can make up some batches and freeze it! The cucumbers and capsicums won’t be around for much longer but we will soon see cauliflowers and parsnips to enjoy roasted and in soups as the weather becomes cooler. And it’s a happy day when we get kiwifruit back in our box – those awesome little bombs of low-fructose Vitamin C! We are all desperately waiting here for them to ripen on the bench.

Our diminished kitty

The bumper boxes have meant, however, that in February-March we did spend all of our kitty! Because we do not always receive everything we order, we over-order to ensure a full box. Even though we have tried to account for the good supply, we did overspend in March. However, in April we were nearly spot on, and as harvest time ends, we will probably face some shorter orders again.

An extra week in May

This month is a 5 week month so please remember that your monthly payment will be more than usual and make your payments accordingly. It also means there is an extra packing shift on the roster. So on the 29th of May – Jodee, Tess, Lucy, Clare and Lu you are rostered for your annual extra shift!

Payment Schedule

It’s been a pleasure having Maggie on board who has cast her capable hands across all things money-wise. Thanks also to Al who has put together the payment schedule to record all of the monthly charges and payments, this enables Maggie to keep an online tally of where all members are with their payments. At this stage it is not available to members for viewing but we are looking into whether that is possible. If not, I will post a record at various times throughout the year. I’ll keep you posted on that one. In the meantime, if you have a query regarding your payments please contact Maggie at

School holidays at Spring Creek

Please note that Spring Creek is always closed during the school holidays. We are still able to use the facilities and I have now added the key code to the Packing Supervisor’s packing guide. If there are any changes to the code I will make the change on the sheet.

Supervisor’s requiring a change

Always a big thank you to the regular packing supervisors for taking on the additional responsibility of the packing day! Sometimes it may not be possible for a supervisor to swap with another supervisor if they require a shift change. However, many of the regular packers would be more than capable to step up to fill-in for a supervisor when they need to arrange a swap. Please offer to take on this role or accept if a supervisor’s asks for a fill-in and they will happily give you a run down on any aspect of their role you may need.

Enjoy your box of goodness… Leanne


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