Newsletter Issue 13

untitledWhat could be better than a summer breakfast of granola with raspberries and a latte?

How about if they’re all organic, local, and delicious! Read until the end to find out the secret to avoiding the summer crowds for the best summer breakfast going around…

Wrapping up 2013
What a great year of fantastic produce and streamlining of some of our processes. Personal highlight for me was all those amazing Victorian kiwifruits! Thank you to our supplier Biodynamic Marketing, our venue Spring Creek Community House and a huge thank you to Tim (and Annabelle) at Surfcoast Wholefoods for not only transporting our fruit & veg but also looking out for us and topping up our boxes when things were looking bleak. We couldn’t do it without their support.

Thanks for your acknowledgments
Thank you to everyone who has recognised the work that I have put into keeping our co-op going throughout 2013. Not only has this been by way of personal thankyous but also in the overwhelming support for the proposed model to have the co-ordinator’s role a compensated one. I have been ably supported by the admin team and I wish to particularly thank Kerryn, who has decided not to continue with the co-op, for quietly fulfilling the Treasurer’s role and the very unenviable task of chasing people for money! We also farewell and thank Pauline and Carey.

Meeting notes
Thank you to everyone who attended the meeting at such a busy time of year! As indicated above, there was overwhelming support from all those at the meeting, and those unable to attend, for the proposed model to go ahead. This means the co-ordinating, rostering and buying roles will be combined into one position which will be compensated with a large box each week. This will increase our overheads by around $2 per box. We will now separate these and the other overheads (transport and venue costs) out so each member is contributing the same amount regardless of box size each week. Therefore the box charges in 2014 will rise to $25 for a small box and $45 for a large box. It will still be awesome value for what we receive. Our financial position at the end of the 2013 year is great, meeting all of our debts with a credit balance of $251.73. This provides a small kitty to carry forward to 2014 which allows us a little freedom in over-ordering produce.

Other admin roles
The new model will continue to have a secretary (Holly), members’ orders (Al) and a treasurer role. Maggie, who has been partnering with Erica up until now, has happily offered to take on this role. Maggie has a finance background (yay!) and will be chasing up any overdue payments! Welcome Maggie.

Membership numbers
As we have lost 3 of our members there will be a couple of vacant spots to be filled for 2014. We really need new members to make a commitment for the 6 month period! I will be getting in touch with our waitlist over the next couple of weeks to give them first dibs but if you do have a friend wanting to get on board, please let me know. Keep in mind that I need to make updates to the website and documents to reflect the changes to our model so if referring people to the website give me a week or so.

On-line payment schedule
We’ve been better at making our payments but there continues to be payments missed every month. This makes life difficult for the treasurer, but also we need to ensure we have enough cash to pay our bills. This year I plan to have an on-line schedule with a running balance for all members, accessible by a link on the members’ page. (I hope Al will be helping me out here!). This will allow all members access to whether they are in debt or credit at any time. It will also be possible for those who prefer to make a lump sum payment at the beginning of the year to do so and keep track of when their credit runs out. The automatic bank transfer is also a terrific option so you can set & forget!

2014 start date
I’m missing my box already, but we decided at the meeting that it would be best to have a summer break and start back first week in February. During January I will put together the roster for Feb-July, update the website and prepare all the documents to get underway. Look out for the link to update your order late January!

The co-op, being less than 18 months old, has seen some great modifications in 2013. The new roster system has been a great success. I wish to thank all packers for taking on the responsibility of swapping their own shifts which appears to be working really well. And also continued thanks to the supervisors for continuing to take on that extra responsibility every week. The roster will be made up again in advance with an allotted week in each month. Most people seemed happy with their week so it will be based on the 2013 roster. If you have any specific preference requests please contact me now so I’ll be able to take it into account.

I know there are a few of you who are missing the bread. I wasn’t able to resolve the issues of hungry crows and our total order was dropping (thanks to an awesome sourdough baking workshop run by Greenmums!). At this stage it’s considered too difficult but I will look into it again next year.

And here it is – your reward for getting to the end! The secret to the most delicious, organic and local summer breakfast you could ask for…
No recipe this newsletter but instead a recommendation for three new local offerings. What could be better than breakfast at home to avoid the summer crowds? Have a safe and great break!

  1. Coffee: Mark from Ocean Grind in Jan Juc – new local coffee roaster who I can personally recommend. Fabulous value 3 month subscriptions giving you coffee to your door!
  2. Berries: Hayden and Jasmine at Ravens Creek have amazing Upick berries at Moriac along with a very good little café. There are so many ripe berries and still more coming (I’ve been back again and again!!)
  3. And homemade granola: Kristen, aka Mamacino (and a farm gate member) is selling her amazing goodies at the Torquay market. I know she has some great organic Christmas treats on offer too.

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