Newsletter Issue 12

Newsletter Issue 12


Kiwis, kiwis and more kiwis…

Okay, I admit I’ve been going crazy for kiwis but they are soooooo good. They also have a limited season, come from Victoria, are VERY affordable at the moment, and they are low-fructose… so we will be seeing them regularly until the end of the season – which will be soon. If you’re sick of them on your muesli and straight from the fruit bowl then try them in a smoothie – loads of recipes on the web!

Rostering ****** IMPORTANT CHANGES******
The rostering of packers is continually resulting in headaches. It’s difficult to get it right each month, and especially when there are five weeks in the month. On top of the administering problems we have had quite a few no-shows, and general confusion over which week you’re rostered on. The system I initially came up with, while flexible, is not working. So we’re going to change it! This will, I hope alleviate confusion and also reduce the admin required to oversee it – and anything that reduces admin is a good thing as there are only 4 of us doing what used to be done by 8-10 people!

So, to the new system: All packers will be rostered on the same week every month. This means, for example, you will always be rostered on for the 2nd Thursday of the month. You will not be given the opportunity to say which weeks you cannot work beforehand. If you are unable to work because you are going away or are unwell/injured  IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO SWAP or arrange a proxy! You will need to contact other packers or packing supervisors to arrange the swap giving people as much notice as possible. It is also possible to send a proxy – your partner/mother-in-law/friend, etc. to fill in for you (as long as they have access to a car to deliver the boxes and are happy to follow instructions from the supervisor they’ll be fine.) It will also be necessary to let the packing supervisor know of any changes you make.

The new rostering arrangements will be put into place beginning in September. There will be a roster drawn up at the end of this month which will cover September through to December. Everyone will be rostered on the same week for each month. There are 5 weeks in October so a number of you will be rostered twice that month. The roster will be uploaded to the website and any changes will need to be made by you. If you have any specific preferences for a week of the month (say for example, first or second because work is always busier at the end of the month) or a preference to be rostered on with a mate/sister or the like, please let me know in the next week.

Further admin changes
We will continue to look at modifying the admin roles because – well, basically no-one (other than our faithful few) really wants to do them! So any simplifying is a good thing. And as of next year, I’ll be moving on to packing so the fewer admin jobs the better. We will keep you posted if we can come up with anything else.

Spring fling
It would be great to have a spring get-together. We can discuss any issues but more importantly just have a social catch-up and bring along some favourite yummy dishes to share! If anyone would like to volunteer to organise something over the next month or so, please let me know.