Farm Gate Foods is an initiative of Greenmums 3228 Inc. Greenmums is a local network of mothers and women who want to share ideas on how to lead greener and healthier lifestyles: to encourage a sense of wellbeing and community while returning value to the important skills of homemaking.


The Farm Gate Foods co-op is a great way to do that; an old-fashioned neighborhood bulk-buying scheme! 


The ideals

Farm Gate Foods aims to provide an opportunity for:

  • accessing affordable, fresh, organic fruit and vegetables
  • supporting local farmers and create connections between farmers and consumers
  • reducing carbon emissions by prioritising regional produce
  • learning more about eating local and seasonal produce
  • encouraging sustainable farming and food security
  •  meeting like-minded people and creating opportunities for friendships
  • having a greater connection to the food we eat – knowing where it comes from and what goes into producing it


History of the co-op

Farm Gate Foods, as a possibility, was first discussed early in 2012. The idea was taken on by the group’s members who began to research existing schemes and talk to a few local farmers. We wanted something between a co-operative and a CSA.

Inspiration was garnered from Ceres Fair Food network in Melbourne, Food Connect in Brisbane and the Western (and associated) Organic Collectives in the inner west of Melbourne.

Funding grants were sought and the idea was financially supported by both the Surf Coast Shire and Torquay Community Enterprise.

Our first box was packed and delivered to an inaugural crew of members as a trial group in September 2012. It was heralded a definite success with an overwhelming range of fresh and delicious fruit & vegetables!